T301 Unit 1 Research Paper

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Name: Pravin Lobo
Course: CIS613-T301 Software Development (2167-1)
Capstone Milestone #2

Complete a UML activity diagram that provides a high level overview of the major processes that characterize the pizza ordering application. Assume a Test Driven Development approach. Identify 5 or more failing tests and what you would do to make them pass. These tests will form the basis of your unit testing strategy.
Failing Scenario Solution / Check

User is allowed to add the same item twice to the cart. Check if an item exists in the customer’s order before it is added to cart

User is shown the order confirmation page even though there was a transaction error during the card processing Ensure that the credit or debit card transaction is successfully
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Explain your recommendation. Since most of the functionality is known for this application and there are few moving parts, I would recommend using the traditional waterfall approach. I base this decision on the following factors:
1. The system is of low to medium complexity and most of the functionality can be achieved through well- documented and widely-used technologies. Hence, the design of the application could factor in most of these technologies and the development team could come up with a more detailed and finalized approach for the system.
2. The scope of the application is pretty well-defined. There should be little to no changes to the requirements.
3. There is no need for iterative releases, since most of the requirements must be part of the application when released to

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