T7 Digital Transformation Assignment

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Digital Transformation Assignment (T7 S.P.A.)
Mahmoud Hamam

Leading an organization’s digital transformation requires simultaneously tackling three questions. Digitally transforming an organization is often challenging as it requires C-suite executives to identify possibilities and drive change concurrently in three areas where digital technologies can make significant differences and change the face of organizations. These three areas are:
1. Intelligence – Seeing digital data as a source of insight and using this data in knowledge-creation processes to create competitive advantages.
2. Integration – Leveraging digital channels to transform organizational processes and create agility.
3. Impact – Rethinking how digital dynamics can improve a company’s value proposition.

T7 company is striving to improve their operations and business processes efficiency across the whole organization. The new CEO of T7 has a broad outlook of the market and the changes happening to the industry. He believes in the power of technology and how it could improve processes and increase customer loyalty. He is actively pursuing digital transformation in many areas as the organization is currently facing organizational and IT challenges.


Based on the above SWOT analysis we can observe various incentives to adopt a digital transformation roadmap to drive T7 company value creation to achieve increased revenues and solidified market position.

Objectives of T7

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