TAVI Case Study

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1. What is TAVI – describe the components of the technology? Transcatheter aortic valve implantation is a very important and difficult surgery for diseased aortic valve. This surgery happened instead of aortic valve replacement when the diagnosis for the heart disease is aortic stenosis. TAVI is an invasive procedure to aortic valve. In this invasive surgery a new valve that is a stainless steel tube with biological materials of cows, is inserted through a balloon catheter to the heart. This procedure can be done with local or general anaesthetic. This new valve insertion can be done with two common ways. Firstly is the transfemoral, which means through the femoral artery or second common way is the transapical way that is through a small cut to the left side to the chest. (1) This aortic stenosis lead to flow blood out of the heart and this disease is common to adults over 65 years old. The common symptoms of this disease can breathlessness, or chest pain, exercise restriction or collapse. (2) 2. What are the main differences between TAVI and convectional valve replacement techniques?…show more content…
Also during the procedure of convectional valve replacement the heart is stopped and heart lung bypass is used. For the TAVI the heart is beating while the procedure. (3) 3. What are the unique risks associated with the TAVI approach? There are many risks at the transcatheter aortic valve implantation during and after the procedure. Those are permanent pacemaker, risk of heart attack, risk of stroke, risk of death during the surgery, damage to groin veins, bleeding or an infection.
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