Tgi Friday Human Resources Analysis

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Human relations and human resources management play a critical role in every organization since people perform all of the business tasks in order to achieve the business goals and objectives. During the working process, the relations amongst employees and between the employees and the employers may raise problems such as conflicts once the employees work inefficiently, or the employees are not satisfied with the company’s policies or any others. Thus, it is important for a company to manage effectively and efficiently its human resources by scientific management and precise human resources plans in compensation, performance appraisal, training and development. In addition, the human resources strategy must be appropriate with
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Thus, it is necessary to review the business nature and strategy of each organization before a deep analysis of its human resources strategy.
TGI Fridays in the UK known as a branch of TGI Fridays International is a chain of restaurants with its headquarter in Luton. It is a profit organization and has a mission to maximize profits for shareholders. Its pre-tax profits in 2012 were at £7.5million, slightly up from £7.4million in the prior year. With the business strategy of a profit organization, TGI Fridays had a plan to expand its business with an establishment of new six restaurants in 2013, increase of its pre – tax profits and 600 new jobs creation. In order to achieve its goals, the human resources strategy of TGI plays a critical role insufficient provision of qualified labors and effective management of those. Its human resources strategy must ensure the effective performances of the company’s employees. Once a company is working as a profit organization, its employees are also satisfied by compensation and benefits rather than volunteer and charity
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Established in 1996 by John Kirkby, this organization aims to support people in preventing debt and reduce poverty by its provision of CAP Money Courses that are operated by its partnership with the local churches. Its CAP Debt Centres in the every town and city of the UK are also helpful to support the poor people and change their lives towards the brighter future. Therefore, the business goals and objectives of Christians Against Poverty are different from TGI Fridays. It is not for profit organization and works for volunteer and charity purposes. As a link amongst the business nature, strategy and human resources management, this organization is using a different approach in recruitment and employees management. It is calling people, who have hearts at people and passionate in helping
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