Bob Ewell To Kill A Mocking Bird Analysis

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TKAM Socratic Seminar Part Two Christian Flynn

The character that made me think the most in part two is Bob Ewell. Throughout part two, we as the audience can clearly tell that Bob Ewell is the guilty person in the court case, not Tom Robinson. Bob Ewell does have a significant part in the plot of the story, but also just made me think. I could tell full heartedly that Bob Ewell was guilty of the crime, yet in the book, characters could never see it. One thing that made me think the most was Bob Ewell’s true motives. After having Tom Robinson locked up and framing him as guilty, and after his eventual demise, Bob Ewell still persists in trying to hurt others linked to Tom. A character that I found to be similar to Bob is Mayella Ewell,
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Another theme from part two is: Racism affects more than just colored people, but all people. I believe the stronger of these two themes is the first. In chapter 12, the reverend of the all-black church, First Purchase, wants everybody to donate money to help Tom Robinson’s wife Helen. He knows that she and her family are going through hard times due to the absence of Tom so he decides to donate money to help her raise her children. This showed the kindness in dark times because Helen was going through a very hard time so the reverend helped her. Another example of my theme in the book is in chapter 28. In chapter 28, Jem and Scout are walking home from the high school after the halloween party. Upon hearing a noise, they believe it is just Cecil Jacobs. It is soon evident that someone is trying to attack them. After viciously being attacked by Bob Ewell, a man saves both Jem and Scout out of kindness. This man is revealed to be Arthur Radley. This shows kindness in dark times because Jem and Scout would both most likely have been killed if it were not for the kindness of Arthur Radley saving them. My final example of my theme in my book is in chapter 31. In chapter 31, Arthur Radley is still struggling with his fear of society so Scout decides to let him see Jem. After his odd time with Jem, he wishes to be taken home, so Scout shows kindness and walks him home, hand in hand. Similar to the time period this story takes place in, there are many dark things going on in the world in all parts. People are being murdered, hurt, and raped, and yet kindness is the light that shines through those dark times with the help of many people. There are threats in the world that people fear, but people always use kindness to help them through it. And, although racism is not as big of a threat as in the time of this story, there is
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