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7. TNI based on Extended hierarchy of needs- While studying on the research area it has been observed that, most of TNI are based on motivation theory directly and indirectly. From the discussion with HR executive came to know that effectiveness of training on performance of employees could not judge properly until the right consideration of TNI. If industry fail to identify training need it will miss-track the programs and ineffective output may generate. TNI is the process where organization can understand employee’s needs and wants. Here Maslow’s Hierarchy of need theory considered as a TNI. In modern time the need base theory is becoming insufficient for knowing the needs of employee. Here use of extended hierarchy of needs theory could…show more content…
The study of the differences in the effects of training between medium and small scale industries can be undertaken to further validate this study. 3. It may also be interesting to carry out a multicounty study to find the effects of training in large scale industries. 4. Future work may also take into account the quality and content of training and development given to the employees. 5. The present research work deals with various types of training as a whole. The future research may be done on specific training on specific topics. 6. The present work did not differentiate training offered inside the factory or in other places. Hence, research can be carried out to distinguish between the effects of training inside the factory and at other places. 7. In present work effectiveness of training measured from employees’ point of view, further research can be done on effectiveness of employee’s relationship with top managers and with trainers. Furthermore mentorship and coaching can be evaluated for practice of relationship building and managing for the win-win approach. 8. Powerful insights can be drawn through the study on strategic training and development approach to ensure every training intervention is linked to the overall business…show more content…
In today’s fast-paced environment, if your staffs are not learning, both individual and the organization are falling behind. Most would agree that today’s successful businesses treat employee training and development as an essential investment. The days of training for the sake of training are long gone, as training needs to be carried out in a manner that gives people the information, skills and motivation they need to do their jobs well and achieve their goals. Increasingly organizations are focused on providing the right training, at the right time, for the right. The undertaken research on effectiveness of T & D activities with reference to Ahmednagar has proven the fact again. Researcher found that, T & D activities carried out in district industries are matches with progressive contemporary environment of the rest

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