TNSCTP Scholarship Letters

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TNSCTP Scholarship Letter
Athlete: Madelynn Weas
Madelynn has been voted President of Str8 Shooters Clay Team by her teammates for the last 2 years. She fills the role perfectly with her drive for knowledge, she has been in a leadership roll for years as a 4H Honors/Allstar member. I think that this has helped her perfect her pursuit through coaching or mentoring shotgun sports with SCTP. I can always rely on her to work with me on our new and upcoming youth, her form and stance will always be textbook, this seems to help the youth understand what goal we are working towards. She could and will pursue the roll of coaching to the next level in the future. This is Madelynn 's last year with us to shoot, she is graduating and going to continue her shooting career with University of Tennessee at Knoxville, she is going to be greatly missed by her teammates. Madelynn has proven her roll as team President by accepting challenges that has been given to her by SCI (Safari Club International) and Quail Unlimited by working hand in hand with there management on banquets and outings her roll was helping organize our athletes and manage them while their raffles and side games was being operated for fund raisers during there banquet. I have been amazed to stand back and watch her take charge.
Madelynn has assisted other youth that was competing
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She has been contacted by Clemson 's Head Coach trying to recruit her and now has accepted to shoot for University of Knoxville. Madelynn has consistently maintained her grades while participating in school sports including soccer, track, bowling and shooting with our team, she scored a 33.8 on her ACT and was the Salutatorian of her graduating class and to me that was a great accomplishment to

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