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TOEFL Speaking Test Format, Problems and Tips to Develop Speaking Skills for the Test
TOEFL Speaking is shortest yet challenging sections of the test. Speaking into a microphone, under a timed condition, in a room full of test takers can be stressful for you if you are prepared. If your TOEFL test is several weeks or months away, then you are lucky. You have got time to prepare. TOEFL Speaking preparation must start with understanding the format of the TOEFL test and several strategies that can help you make good use of your time so that you are able to answer all speaking questions in the allotted time.
The duration of the TOEFL Speaking is 20 minutes and there are 6 questions in total. The test takers are required to give personal opinions,
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Headphones will be attached with a microphone to record your answers. There will be a 10 minute break after reading and listening tests so that you can stretch a little or have snacks/water.
Common Speaking Problems Candidates face in TOEFL Speaking Test
1. Lack of understanding: - Do you have no idea about what to say? This a terrible feeling that can arise if you do not understand the information provided. To tackle with this kind of feeling, we advise you to spend good 5 minutes on reading the test instructions and questions. You can only answer the questions correctly if you have understood them correctly.
2. Sentence variation : - Due to lack of time, candidates often make a mistake of falling into a trap of repetitive sentence structures. For example, they use “I think.., I think,” repeatedly. When you are speaking, you must use different sentence structures or variation so that you are able to present your answer impressively.
3. Not speaking clearly: - In TOEFL speaking test, you must always speak clearly and confidently. You will probably get fewer marks, if the examiner did not understand what you speak. Always speak at your normal pace, neither too fast nor too
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Read translation material: - You can sharpen your English skills by practicing your grammar and vocabulary by translating the reading passages. You can practice translating accurately as you can without a dictionary. If you are not sure about a word or phrase, you can look up its meaning in the dictionary.
3. Record yourself: - You can take a recorder and record your speaking. You can speak about the last movie you saw or a well-known story. This will help you find your mistakes and know how clear and confident you are in speaking.
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