TV Series: Shots And Salsa

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The modern text that I chose to analyze is the TV series, Super Store produced by NBC, I chose to look at the episode titled “Shots and Salsa” in season one. Here is the link to it: http://www,nbc,com/superstore/video/shots-and-salsa/2943541 The manager, which is a white male, asked who can advertise Cloud Nine’s new salsa, A man’s hand went up to volunteer, The manager responds by saying “I choose you and not because you’re Mexican,” in a sarcastic tone,
This amplifies that the manager only wanted Mateo to hand out the free samples of salsa is because he has the stereotypical physical features of a Latino, A stereotype is defined as, “a broad generalization that represents all members of a target group with an identical set of behaviors and
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An example of how Carmen reinforces the typical Latino stereotype is how she was speaking broken Spanish with a quick pace.
Once Beatrice heard Carmen doing this, she went up to her to tell her that acting like a stereotypical Latina is not okay, Carmen then slips on salsa, which allows Mateo to become the person handling the salsa samples, Mateo changes his nametag to Jose, speaks broken Spanish while wearing a sombrero and poncho. Mateo’s actions in that scene are another way that he is reinforcing the Latino stereotype. I believe that this episode is incredibly racist. The manager of Cloud Nine, Mateo, and Carmen exhibit covert racism. Cover racism is defined as “internal stereotypes and prejudices that people may not even realize that they have, they can be expressed through jokes, comments, and actions” (Bryrar). By using covert racism, the actors are reinforcing and induce the stereotypical Latino stereotypes. It is not okay to allow Super Store to show disrespect towards Latinos. Some people might think this episode is comical, but the episode is incredibly racist towards
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