Importance Of TVAAS

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TVAAS and its Importance
The Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS) is a system that measures districts and schools on how well they can raise the student's scores. TVAAS does this by analyzing the students through assessment data that shows the progress of the students, district, and schools. This information is a way to see if the teachers are meeting the academic goal of their students. The way they determine the achievement of individual students is through progress data. The data is measured at specific times that relate to the student’s demographics and student performance on a standard. The progress data helps to show the individual students academic growth and success throughout the school year. Moreover, it helps the teacher identify what strategies benefit the student growth the best. Overall, progress data and measuring achievement helps the teacher find out which student is advanced and which one is not advanced in the classroom. This
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The article explains how the teacher at the beginning of the school year does not have control or should be held accountable for where their student's knowledge at the beginning of the year. That the teacher should be hold accountable for the progress their student makes during their time in the teacher classroom at the end of the year. The article explains how no matter where the student starts out with that the student should grow by the time the school year ends. There is a lot of controversy over the progress of the students and how much is expected of them. Nonetheless, it is agreed that the teacher role in the classroom is to add value to the student's lives and help them improve overall. The TVAAS goal is to provide a fair and reliable measurement of the student growth in the classroom. This allows the students and teacher to learn and make decisions on reaching that
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