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The Role of TVET assessment in Trinidad and Tobago Assessment is a procedure of collecting evidence, making conclusions and drawing inferences about trainee accomplishment and performance. Spannela (2015) articulates that assessment is a critical step in the learning process. It determines whether or not the course's learning objectives have been met. A learning objective is what trainees ought to know or have the capacity to do by the time a lesson is concluded. Consequently, assessment influences numerous facets of education and training, including trainee grades, placement, and advancement as well as curriculum, instructional needs, and frequently, institutional funding. As Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is more practical…show more content…
Thus, an investigation of the strategy may shed some light on its usage. Performance-based assessments (also known as performance assessments) require students to apply knowledge and skills. It can be used formatively or summatively and it can be labour and time -intensive. However, this type of assessment can also tend to be quite diverse. Performance assessments: present students with hands-on tasks or other performance-based activities that students must complete individually or in small groups; work is evaluated using pre-established criteria. The criteria consist of two components:
 a performance task (actual prompt or activity)
 a scoring rubric (scoring guide consisting of pre-established performance
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For example, the Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) at CXC has two components of paper and pencil test worth 60% of the final mark whilst the School base assessment (SBA) is only worth 40% of the total mark. Although this SBA component is sometimes influenced by other factors, this makes the assessment not as valid and reliable as it ought to be. The point here is that the assessment of this TVET subject is not performance base, which is what TVET is supposed to be like. In terms of the NEC, the full assessment is performed through paper and pen assessment strategies. Basically it has an essay type and an objective type component. There is absolutely no assessment done whereby a process or product can be measured. It must be distinguished that both of these assessments are high stakes assessment. In the TVET framework, knowledge, skills and attitude as outlined in Blooms Taxonomy of Learning(Cognitive, Psychomotor and Affective)must be assessed in order to satisfy the requirements of a country’s quest to become developed and for the 21st century global and knowledge

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