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[tabby title="Hush"] When you first look at Hush, you 're going to think that it 's just another home invasion movie in a sea of home invasion movies. However, you would be wrong to think that. Hush actually provides something incredibly unique and interesting in the idea of having our main character (Kate Siegel) of the film being deaf and mute. As the killer stalks her from outside her house, she has to rely on her other senses to track and figure out what to do next. It 's really damn intense as times. John Gallagher Jr., who plays the killer also does an incredible job at being pure, unadulterated evil. He has no remorse and no conscience. I 'm going to be doing something different with this review in that I 'm offering two different reviews, one a spoiler free version and another that will be filled with spoilers, discussing what I liked and didn 't like about the movie. What ever your flavour of review you want, I 'll have. So, let 's get this review going... [tabbyending] [tabby title="Plot Summary"] [tabbyending] [tabby title="Hush Spoiler Free Review"] It 's amazing how a slight change to a tired plot device can make things seem so much more exciting. Having our main star…show more content…
It comes up suddenly and the viewer hardly has time to prepare for it. (Although, I would like to know why she couldn 't try breaking the glass to get her attention?) After that sudden killing, things slow down a bit as the killer stalks Maddie without her realizing it. Once he figures out she is deaf and alone, he begins to have a field day with her. He first steals her phone, taking photos of her from outside the house. This sets off Maddie to something terribly wrong happening. Maddie finally sees the killer, donned with a white mask which is tragically removed too quickly in the flick. The killer lets her know she is going to die, but not before her taunts her
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