Table 3: Influence On Morality: Character Analysis

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Table 3: Influence on Morality
Theme Cluster Formulated Meaning
Morality vs. Money • the life of the people is more important than the money they can earn • unaffected because they still have salary • they still do not wish others to die though they do not have services
Standing to their Morals • they stand on their principle and belief that killing is not right • they do not want people to be killed • they do not want and anticipate for others' death • their views about killing are not altered

Table 3 depicts whether the campaign has influence to their morality or none. These were covered by the theme clusters morality vs. money and standing to their morals. Pandey once said, “They say that if character is lost then everything is lost,
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The emotional aspect describes the normal way a person reacts or feels when someone died. The funeral employees felt pity for what happened as death is a great loss and they are sometimes emotional when the one who died is a child. They are moved and felt empathic to the family of the dead. It depicts the emotional side of the employees as knowing that losing someone is a hurtful thing. Because of this, of their moral emotions, the funeral employees stick and stand in their belief that killing is not right and adhere to their principle that no one should be killed and that they do not want others to die even though it is the way in which they earn money. It is supported by the following statements from the…show more content…
It becomes normal to them to witness death, to be the one to clean the cadaver, to arrange its funeral and all since those are the things that they usually do and normally encounter in their everyday life for their living. However, there are times that they are still moved emotionally and felt pity and empathic to the family especially when the cadaver that they had to service is of that of a young ones or a child no matter how long they are in that kind of work nor how much they are used to seeing and doing those scenarios. It is because of the emotions that human can feel. “Emotions which in themselves can be regarded as morally negative, may have instrumental value in the sense that they may lead to positive moral consequences.” (Ben Ze’ev,
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