Tablets Advantages In Education

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Imagine this: It is the first day of high school. Everyone is buzzing with excitement- especially the freshman. In the upcoming weeks every freshman in town bought a giant backpack, thinking that all of their textbooks and things would fit. At the end of the first day, however, backpacks are overflowing with four to five textbooks and several assigned novels. It is the 21st Century and technology is becoming more and more advanced. These days the line between technology and education is becoming very thin. Teachers and administrators have been incorporating technology into classrooms for several years. The question is, how beneficial is this technology in education? The answer-extremely. Tablets, in particular, are very advantageous in education. Tablets are very easy to use and do not take up as much room as textbooks. With tablets, one has access to hundreds of textbooks. Moreover, one can do just as much, and even more, with a tablet versus a textbook. Tablets are the better choice for education and here is why. Tablets help students to learn more material in less time, tablets help students with many skills that they will need in their later lives, and tablets are more cost effective in the long run. To begin with,…show more content…
Some of these skills are in technology. Tablets help students to learn technology skills early on in life. This is important because some of the highest paying jobs rely heavily on technology. (Antuzzi 1). Another important skill that tablets teach is creativity and problem solving. Tablets help to create an environment where creativity is encouraged and different problem solving techniques are provided. ¨The experience however is enjoyable, leading to a greater creativity…” (Clarke 74). Students are more likely to be able to problem solve in their everyday adult lives when being taught with technology. Tablets also are beneficial when it comes down to cost
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