Tablets Should Not Replace Textbooks Essay

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“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure” (said by Bill Gates). This quote tells us that success should be celebrated but failure should lead to teaching lessons. In the case of education, textbooks would be represented as a success and technology should be shown as a failure. Technology is one of the biggest failure of education and it should not replace the backbone to education which is textbooks. Technology like tables should not replace textbooks in k-12 schools because they can cause problems in health, they take a lot of training to be able to use and students could get very off task very easily when using tablets.

As a matter of fact, tablets can cause major health problems when being used for long periods of time. Tablets can be used for many hours a day in a consecutive amount of time and people wouldn’t even realize what it is doing to them. People also do not understand what they are putting their body through and how their body is reacting to that much screen time. “People who use mobile devices more often have a higher incidence of musculoskeletal disorders associated with repetitive strain on muscles, including carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain (“text neck”), shoulder pain, and fibromyalgia” ( This piece of evidence shows that tablets that are used for a long duration can have many health problems. Technology is not worth the agony that you get from using it.

Additionally, tablets can require a lot of training for the student and teacher
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Tablets contribute to unnecessary muscle strain. In addition to the high cost, it may also affect student growth. Tablets are bad, and they should not be in our community and it should not be in our

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