Broadsheet Vs Tabloid Essay

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“ Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws.” In our world today, Broadsheets are already spiced up with tabloids which causes competency in the world of journalism. Right now, Broadsheets are no longer delivered to people alone. With the presence of the tabloids, Different aspects of problems had risen. It merely affected people who reads it, Not just literally but also in emotional and social state. Well for us Filipinos, It has already been a tradition reading broadsheets but then,
With the occurance of this tabloids, We are more likely now getting addicted and attached reading this which produces a negative output. Years had passed already but still we cannot
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It has been a part of the customs of the Filipinos due to the failure of watching news over the television. Despite of their differences,
We still choose to read Tabloids than broadsheets. As we all know, Broadsheets and tabloids have a big difference. Starting from its headline until its focal point, It is important for us to distinguish each others differences to be able to assess which is more efficient when it comes to news information
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They also deal with serious problem which is rising not just in our local country, But also in foreign countries.
As broadsheets are continuously distributed in every place, There is still another type of newspaper that is aiming for competition in the broadsheets. They are not just simply a type of newspaper that provides news. They are also a type of newspaper which uses vulgar and sensational words which attracts the readers. They are called tabloids. Tabloids usually talks about crimes, disasters, gossip about different people and specially they talks about sex. Sparks
(1992) says that “If tabloid papers have not by now banished political-economic content, they have been steadily marginalising it…the British tabloids concentration on human interest material and entertainment is almost exclusive and has robbed readers of the choice of reading news about political, social and economic affairs …news in the traditional sense of the word.”
As you can see, Tabloids also talks about business, political and economical state of the country not knowing that it can affect or harm the people which is usually involved in this kind of
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