Agricola's Ambition Of The Briton Tacitus

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“It is no use trying to escape their arrange by submission or good behavior. They have pillagedd the world… If an enemy is rich, they are greedy, if he is poor, they crave glory...They make a desert and call it peace.” (Tacitus 22). Despite Tacitus not being present during this speech made by Calgacus who was one of the leaders of the Britons.This second hand account of the speech granted Tacitus the ability to put up a mirror of Roman ambition. Tacitus represented the best qualities of Roman attributes through his father in law Agricola. A man to which through Tacitus’ writings the manifestation of Roman perfection. Tacitus view of the flaws of Roman society were it’s ambition. Greed and self service to individual rather than service to the commonwealth. Tacitus’ represented the Britons response to the Roman presence in Britons by bringing up comparisons of slavery. Tacitus views of the Roman empire could suggest…show more content…
Tacitus views of Roman societies flaws are Ambition, greed, and service to the self rather than the common wealth. To further perpetuate the idea of self service over the service to the common wealth tacitus writes this one agricola’s early success in britain “ when distirctionaraused unfavorable reaction and a great reputation was no less dangerous than a bad one”. Tacitus 6 Tacitus writing explaining that despite Agricola bringing sucess and glory to the empire as a while and agricola being the man that seeks no special regonition. Despite the his sucesses bring him at odds against those within the higher echolons of government
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