Tacitus Conquest Of New Spain Analysis

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In The Germania, Tacitus pointed out many oddities that set the Germanic people apart from the Romans who encountered them on the outskirts of their great empire. One of the things that really stood out was their love for warfare and how important it was for men to be valiant warriors. The extent to which they feel about this is illustrated best when Tacitus says “they consider it base and spiritless to earn by sweat what they might purchase with blood.” Their hunger for war was so great in fact, that when there was an extended period of peace in their own nation, they would go to neighboring nations who were at war and fight there. They did not care who they were fighting for, as long as they were fighting. Fighting was so important that they never went anywhere public or private unarmed, and they received their first official weapons as youths when they were given a shield and a javelin. There was something else that also stood out about the Germanic people: the way women were treated. Women were…show more content…
He wrote about some of the peculiarities and interesting things that the Aztecs did or had built. The first thing that stood out was the great marketplace that they saw in the city of Tenochtitlan. Soldiers in his troop who had been all over the world, including places such as Rome and Constantinople stated that it was greater than anything that they had ever seen. He also found it amazing that they had created a tower so high that when they went to the top, they could see the entire city. The most bizarre thing that Diaz encountered was the temple where the statues of the Aztec gods were kept. In his words, the statues were terrifying and very warlike, they and the whole temple were also covered with the blood of sacrificed humans. The stench was described as being worse than “the slaughterhouses of
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