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“Tom Brady is the gifted quarterback of the New England Patriots, widely recognized as one of the best in his positions. But in the late 1980’s and early 90’s his mom and dad didn’t allow Tom to play organized youth tackle football because of high risk injuries in youth football”(Hyman). Due to these high risk injuries, parents have been debating whether or not their child under twelve should be playing youth tackle football. For example, Cam’ron Matthews played on Alto Texas youth football team and sadly died after a hard hit to his brain in October. Children under the age of twelve should not be allowed to play tackle football because these kids are not developed enough yet to understand the concept of the game, they are at a higher risk of injuries, and they aren’t mature enough yet to be playing youth tackle football. First and Foremost, kids under twelve are not developed…show more content…
For example former NFL players who started playing tackle football before the age 12 were at a higher risk of alter brain development compared to those who started later in life, due to young age concussions. Each year more and more kids sign up to play tackle football, which also means more kids are getting injured each year. This year three million kids from ages 6-12 are playing tackle football, but are mostly sitting the bench due to injuries from earlier games in the season. Some injuries would include concussions, broken limbs and bones, fractured or sprained bones etc. One of the most fadile injury, which is also the most common would be concussions. A concussion is a violent shock from a heavy flow, or a hard hit to your head. Younger kids that get a concussion are at a higher risk of brain damage due to their brains not being fully developed. These injuries could ruin your child 's academic status, memory, or their physical ability. Is playing tackle football more important than these
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