Taco Bell: A Short Story

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It was the middle of august and a group of friends were all at the park together hanging out. All of the sudden Megan shouts “I’m hungry and my stomach 's growling”. All of the girls agreed with her and they decided they should walk somewhere to eat. “where should we go?” Kelsey asked. “I really want DQ” said Brook. Kelsey agreed with Brook in going to DQ and was hoping Megan and Sami would want to go too. However Megan said “But I want to eat tacos at Taco Bell”. “Yeah taco bell sounds way better right now” said Sami. The four girls sat complaining about where they wanted to eat when Kelsey made the point the Taco Bell only had tacos. Megan then said “No it doesn’t it had way more than that it has burritos, desert, slushies, tacos,

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