Taco Bell Executive Summary

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Executive Summary Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant chain in America based in California (Grant, 2006). This fast food restaurant specializes in serving burritos, nachos, quesadillas and tacos among other food items in their menu (Grant, 2006). It serves about 2 billion consumers every year in over 6,500 restaurants majority in the United States, where over 80% are operated and owned by independent franchisees in countries including Australia, United Arab Emirates, India, Mexico, Poland, Greece, Philippines, United Kingdom, and Chile among others (Grant, 2006). This fast food restaurant was founded by an individual known as Glen Bell (Walker, 2014). Tacos Bell had a franchise in Dubai shopping mall which was opened in November 2008 and closed…show more content…
In order to achieve this, Taco Bell had attempted to geographic, demographic, as well as psychographic segmentation. However, the success of the processes was debatable. Taco bell’s has several actors in the microenvironment such as suppliers, Marketing intermediaries, competitors, publics, and customers. To begin with, the suppliers. Taco bell deals with one of the most important suppliers in the food industry which is Americana. Americana tends to supply taco bell with several products such as chicken, beef, bread, vegetables etc. As per the Dubai mall food court manager Mohammad Al Shanan. Americana provides taco bell with the needed resources in order to produce goods and services. However, taco bell is dealing with Americana UAE not the one located in the United States. Furthermore, taco bell Dubai does not provide the same menu located in the United States. On the other hand, taco bell Dubai maintained a good relationship with its suppliers in order to create customer value. Moving on to the competitors, Taco bell Dubai has many competitors but since it is in the Dubai mall. Taco bell is the only fast food restaurant providing Tex-Mex foods. In this case, Taco bell competitors are the other fast food restaurants located in the same area. Taco bell Dubai has few customers compared to their competitors. In this case, customers ordering from taco bell Dubai expect to see healthy foods as well. According to our interview with Mohammad AL Shannan, Several customers requested healthy meals which weren’t provided on the taco bell menu. Furthermore, Taco bell Dubai closes at 11 pm before midnight. On the other hand, other restaurants close at midnight or after. In this situation, late workers in the mall which are the main customers for the food court finds taco bell closed and in this case they
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