Taco Sellers Summary

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This film were Whites and Chicano students separate from each other meaning that the whites students don 't want to be around the Mexicans students and the Mexicans students didn 't want to be around the whites students either. Making an illusion of race and ethnicity that whites are superior than Mexicans which through the movies Whites called Mexicans "Taco sellers" in a putdown way. The film showed how Chicano students were fed up with the discrimination they were facing in school and how they organized to fight for their equal rights in school. Yet the white students also organized to try unorganized the Chicano students. There were two scenes were the whites tried to put fear in the Chicano students when first they exploded a Chicano car while in a meeting. Also when the whites came with bats to beat up the Chicano students when they were in the strike. Is if they were saying to them don 't even try you will lose everything in the process and get beaten up and not win anything we are more powerful than you guys. Also another part where the film really showed the believe of race was when a Mexican kid got in trouble and as a punishment he was sent to cut the bushes. That 's were it hit me that this movie was trying to say all you Mexicans don 't even bother coming to school all of you are simply like bandidos unintelligent and violent. Therefore let us train you guys to cut the trees and do all the landscaping since that 's the only thing your good at…show more content…
However if we look this movie through the feminist lens we will see how females we equally important in this movie. Since the movie showed that women also have equal power as men. As Janet a very attractive white girl blue eyes and golden hair is very important in the film. Since she was the one that Mexicans asked for her help since she was very popular in the school and was good communicating with people. The film portrayed her as if it wasn 't for this beautiful blonde girl they werent going to achieve
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