Tacos Differences In American Culture

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The tropical breeze of Galveston picked up force as the sky began to darken. My brother and I quickly vacated our kiddie pools and ran inside to seek cover from the impending tropical rain. Sitting on the table, as if to comfort us from the thunder, was my comfort food, tacos. From the times of frightening storms in Texas to stressful tests in Idaho, tacos have been my favorite food, always tasting of comfort and deliciousness. In every culture, there is food that means home. It may be simple, complex or even just one ingredient. For me, in American culture, that is tacos. Thinking of “American food”, cheese that can be sprayed or a slice of greasy pizza comes to mind. While these things are certainly aspects of American cuisine, they do not encompass it.…show more content…
Exemplifying this, in my family, tacos can be served with tator tots or even hash browns. I would find it important to share the deliciousness and taste of my childhood with my German host school peers, but it is not simply tacos’ wonderful taste that I wish to impart; tacos are only one example of the diversity of cuisine that can be found in America and in the regional cultures that the U.S possesses. America’s diversity of cultures and ethnicities is most evident in the food. Cajun food mixes the spicy southern elements with French and Canadian, and the exquisite cream cheese and tempura sushi of California mixes traditional Japanese with Boho components. Sharing foods such as tacos is important because, while they are my favorite food and supremely delicious, they also excellently represent the diversity as well as the amalgamation of histories and cultures that have come to produce “American culture” and
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