Tactics In The Alexa Commercial

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The home of the brave, the land of the free, and also considered the best country on Earth: the United States of America. The reality, however, completely contradicts this statement. The average American shows tendencies of having a small attention span, an easily influenced mindset, and ignorance. The Super Bowl, one of the biggest events in America, has millions upon millions of people watching yearly. In this past super bowl, An estimated 103.4 million people watched according to CBS news (CBS news,2018.) For the majority of individuals, however, the commercials stand out from the football game as more entertaining. For this reason, having a commercial during the Super Bowl gives companies a spotlight in the hope of gaining publicity for the product or service. Tactics such as using humor or celebrities in hope of grabbing the attention of more…show more content…
the Alexa commercial during this years super bowl ranked highly by critics, used tactics such as humor and celebrities that grabbed the attention of enthusiastic fans. The commercial featured celebrities such as Cardi B. and Rebel Wilson. The more popular a commercial becomes (such as Alexa,) the better the sales for the company. When Alexa loses her voice, multiple scenarios take place with the replacements for Alexa: the celebrities. The Alexa commercial switches rapidly through different scenarios, each one using different celebrities and humor (Alexa,2018.) In today’s world, the average attention span of a human is eight seconds. Amazon had the plan of switching up scenes quickly, keeping the fans entertained and focused on the commercial. The Advertisement became a success, and the plan had worked. In 2000, twelve seconds was the average attention span (Watson.) Our concentration ability gets worse year by year; hurting the American people, but helping company
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