Tae Guk Gi The Brotherhood Of War Analysis

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Within the story of the love between two brothers, Jin-tae Lee and Jin-seok Lee. The sacrifices made by the older brother, Jin Tae during the war for his brother Jin Seok was never a joke. These sacrifices gave a challenge between the two that made them distant with each other but eventually because of the war that love regained hence, the title, Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War. The film started with a scene where an excavation group from the South Korean Army found a body wherein they had identified as someone who in not in the M.I.A. nor the K.I.A. list which in their thinking shows that the identified person is still alive or as the same name. With their concern, they contacted the person with the thought that it might have a relation…show more content…
This shows the present to which gives an introduction of where and how these two brothers started within the story. As the film is produced in the year 2000s, frankly speaking, its quality is way better than the past films that I have seen in class. Moreover, the effects were much more advanced and realistic wherein the connection with the audience is being enhanced. The film somehow relates with the first few films since it is historical and war-related which is the common theme used in the beginning. In addition, seeing the development of the films from the oldest up to now and seeing a film from another country in a different perspective of war, centralizing in a dramatic way helped me understand it even more and the comparison from its differences and similarities. Upon the film’s progression, it has four sequences that made the plot meaningful. One of which is the introduction of the bond of the brothers wherein their simple everyday lives are shown. It started with a short summary of how the relationship of the two brothers, Jin-tae and Jin-seok were. These were scenarios of their normal daily lives where Jin-tae, as the older brother, takes responsibility to work as a shoe shiner to provide for his younger brother, Jin-seok. The film shows the

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