Taekwondo History

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The history of Taekwondo is an interesting subject. It’s roots go back thousands of years, yet, it became an art in 1945. But, before you learn about Taekwondo’s history, let’s dive into the country’s history. Early Korea began in 2,333 B.C. The national founder, Tangun, founded “Old Korea” at Asadal. As legend has it, Silla was founded in 57 B.C. by its founder Bak Hyeokgeose. Koguryo was founded in 37 B.C. by Jumong. Last, but not least, Baekje was founded in 18 B.C. by Onjo. In reality, those three kingdoms actually emerged between the second to fourth century A.D. These three kingdoms were influenced by chinese civilization. The three kingdoms were territorial and fought for control over each others people. China tried to take control over Koguryo…show more content…
The history of Korea and the lifetime of Taekwondo’s founder, Choi Hong Hi, add up to help create the image of Taekwondo’s history. However, here is a written passage to help explain it further. Taekwondo originates from Tae Kyon, which is an unarmed form of combat originating in Koguryo and thriving in Silla. In fact, Silla is thought to be the place the techniques we use today grew and were perfected. The reason it was the place the techniques grew was because Silla was the smallest and was constantly under attack by the Japanese. In 1910 Japan invaded Korea and dominated them until after World War II. Any folkloric games were strictly outlawed. ( It was so strict people were executed for treason if they were caught practicing.) As Japan kept their occupation, karate was introduced and practiced, because of this Tae Kyon and Karate mixed and became a new art, Taekwondo. The techniques, terminology, and sciences were all named by General Choi. There is much more to Taekwondo than just the history. It involves the philosophy too. The five Taekwondo tenets are: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable

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