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a. S25 of the Tafe Education Act 2002 evidently indicates that bringing any type of drugs onto a school campus is of an offence, however Winnie is caught licking white aspirin a drug powder which indicates that she has ultimately broken the law however needs to be guilty of the offence. Winnie may have not been in the contribution of getting the drug onto the property however the usage of the drug may have advised that she has bought the product from another student around the school property. Therefore she is connected with the intake of the drug on Tafe property. She has no legal prescription of drug, so licking the aspirin drug in this situation is illegal just as weed is. No prescribed drugs are seen as harmful to any individual being.…show more content…
Ciscos medical still has to be checked as well as his doctors training. From doing this, the medical research of Cisco must lead to the fact that he may be allowed to take dosages of Methadone. This because Cisco could have had easily gotten the prescribed drug from a doctors help by nexus, if this is true then severe arrangements need to be considered in order to permanently suspend these culprit doctors license. If Ciscos prescription was found legal, then he is however still broken the law because according to the Tafe Education any drug prescribed or not is not allowed on Tafe premises. It could have easily been dealt with better if he had revealed this to his higher consultants to obtain permission before using the prescribed drug. Policies and procedures concerning drugs intake or acquisition are dissimilar for countries. These policies change on a consistent base. The Medicinal tablets can be classified as drugs, this may lead one to jail because a listed amount of the usage of drugs may be safe today but the next may not. Every Educational property should have strict rules and handling commitment when they come into contact with a student with drug substances, a maximum of two warnings student who constantly disobey should be permanently removed of property for a semester, and also notify police involving the caught of drug…show more content…
This gives a solid meaning to the individual involved so that it averts upcoming re-occurrence of drug selling circumstances throughout the campus. Fred took the supplement that was required by his doctor as he tried to start his car. As he is being charged under s12 of the Dangerous Drugs Act, this act contains penalties and components the components include; there is a person, there is a motor car, the person drives the motor car, there is a drug and the person that is driving is under the influence of drugs, while the consequences Is that the person is found guilty of the offence and is accountable to the penalty of $1000 or the three months in jail. The first component is satisfied because Fred, the accused is a person; the second component is because Fred indeed has a car, however there are suspicions for the third component because it raises the matter of whether Fred had driven the car also another matter raised is whether Fred has taken the drug and component five is considered the same as three and four because it need to be seen that Fred has taken a drug and is under the influence of It. It was told that Fred had gotten into his car and attempted to start

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