Taft Vs. Taft: The Dream Of Being President

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There are many citizens that have the dream to become president. Although many people inspire to become president, they do not have the political knowledge to fulfill being president. The dream to become president is not easy to fulfill. Taft had the political knowledge of being president, although it was not his dream of being president. He ran for presidency to fulfill other people 's happiness, even though he was not happy. While Taft was the 27th President, he accomplished a lot, but he found that he fulfilled his dream when he became chief justice. Growing up Taft had a good life and had many relatives to look up to. Taft was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on September 15, 1857. His parents Louisa Maria Torrey and Alphonso Taft had six children including William. Taft attended Yale University before he studied law at the University of Cincinnati. Taft went to Woodward High School, a private school in Cincinnati. (Millercenter.org, 2017). Taft had a good childhood and was very intelligent. Taft was raised in a large, but close family. Taft had five siblings and two half brothers from his father’s first marriage. (Millercenter.org, 2017). Taft’s family identified with the Unitarian Church. Growing up, he worried that he would not meet his parents expectations. When Taft graduated he spoke about his parents and how progressive they were. How his parents always pushed him to do the best that he could. When Taft was growing up, he wanted his parents to be proud of him. In
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