Taft: The Dream Of Becoming President

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There are many citizens that have the dream to become president. Although many people inspire to become president, they do not have the political knowledge to fulfill being president. The dream to become president is not easy to fulfill. Taft had the political knowledge of being president, although it was not his dream of being president. He ran for presidency to fulfill other people 's happiness, even though he was not happy. While Taft was the 27th President, he accomplished a lot, but he found that he fulfilled his dream when he became chief justice.
Growing up Taft had a good life and had many relatives to look up to. Taft was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on September 15, 1857. His parents Louisa Maria Torrey and Alphonso Taft had six children …show more content…

Taft did not easily favor with possible political allies. (Biography.com, 2016). Taft’s “policy of harmony” created misunderstandings about how he felt about tariffs being placed on goods entering the U.S., this led to Taft losing the Republican majority in the election. (Biography.com, 2016). Taft lacked Roosevelt’s views on presidential power and this held him back from being a stronger leader while in office. Taft’s debate over tariff reform legislation caused the Republican Party to split and led to the passage of the Payne-Aldrich Act, the Act raised certain tariffs on goods entering the United States. (History.com, 2018). Although Taft won the election easily due to Roosevelt’s help, but he struggled with presidential power. William Howard Taft created a “policy of harmony” with Congress. The policy of harmony caused misunderstandings on how Taft felt about big business and an approach to tariff goods entering the United States. (Biography.com, 2016). The policy of harmony led to the Payne-Aldrich Act, which raised certain tariffs on goods entering the United States. (Biography.com, 2016). Debate over the tariff caused issues in the Republican Party between conservatives and progressives. Taft lost the Republican majority vote in Congress due to the policy of harmony. The policy of harmony caused Taft more issues than …show more content…

Taft died on March 8, 1930 from heart disease, high blood pressure, and inflammation of the bladder. Taft had the first presidential funeral that was broadcasted on the radio. (Millercenter.org, 2017). Taft was buried at Arlington National Cemetery along with John F. Kennedy. They are the only Presidents that are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. (Millercenter.org, 2017). Taft had passed away while being chief justice and Taft was remembered for his work as president and chief justice.
To become president is dreamed by many, although it is not for everyone. Political knowledge is needed to be president and not everyone has the political knowledge that is needed. Being president involves an endless amount of work and not everyone can put in the amount of work it takes to be president. William Taft had the political knowledge and effort that it takes to be president, although that was not his dream. Taft fulfilled his wife’s dream by being president, but he was not happy while serving as president. While Taft served as president he made major accomplishments, but he was not truly happy until he became chief

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