Tag Heuer Masculinity

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In Tag Heuer’s “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” campaign Tag Heuer uses famous athletes and celebrities with the goal of establishing that successful and powerful people wear Tag Heuer watches. Tag Heuer use this technique to effectively establish a sense of both power and masculinity emanating from those who purchase the watches made by Tag Heuer. Campaigns like Tag Heuer’s here target themselves towards a demographic comprised primarily of middle aged men using images of masculinity to make the target demographic feel as if they are renewing their own masculinity by purchasing the product, in this case the Tag Heuer watch. As previously alluded to the campaign put forth by Tag Heuer attempts to grab the attention of middle aged men in the upper class. The company may seem to be selling a high end watch to these customers when in actuality Tag Heuer is selling the idea of masculinity to men at a period when they begin to question their own masculinity. This machismo idea is what Tag Heuer is wanting their customer base to buy as they want people to associate success and power with their watches ("Don…show more content…
The advertisement produced is loaded to the brim with fallacies and includes all three major types. The ad’s emotional fallacies are all based around viewing the accomplishments of those associated with Tag Heuer in order to show a bandwagon approach to advertising influencing the audience by showing all the famous and successful people who wear Tag Heuer watches. Ethical fallacies are used by using famous people like Cristiano Ronaldo or Jimi Hendrix to supplement evidence with the authority of those at the top of their disciplines in order to produce a straw person effect in the audience asking “if this famous person has it why don’t you?”. Tag Heuer then completes the trifecta with logical fallacies with the presence of the hasty generalization that all people who wear a Tag Heuer watch will instantaneously become successful ("Don 't Crack Under Pressure by TAG
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