Tagore's Women: The Nature Of Women

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Rabindra Nath Tagore is regarded as the central pillar of the Indo-Anglian literature. In him we find spiritualism of high gravity. He was the high priest of mysticism and explored deep hidden. truths of life and creation. Among the great men of Indian Renaissance, Tagore was the most comprehensive genius. He was a nationalist to the core. He was a genuine citizen of the world. He had firm belief that all the citizen of the world are equal but his views about woman as equal to man were different.

Tagore wrote six Personality essays in 1917. “Woman” is one of them. In this essay Tagore has focused the individual role of man and woman according to the Plan of Nature, and reviewed the position and responsibility of woman in a world where man is born with free energies and comparative freedom from physical and emotional bondage.

Tagore says that woman is born directly into the centre of her own true world, the world of human relationship, and the “domestic world” is God’s gift” to her. Women has been crowned the cosmetic queen of humanity whereas man has been firmly enshrined
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