Tai Tam Chong Water Dam Case Study

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Tai Lam Chung Reservoir is located in Tai Lam Country Park. It is the first reservoir built in Hong Kong after the second world war with a capacity of 20.490 m3, ranking the forth among 17 reservoirs in Hong Kong. It was constructed as a huge milestone of the Water Supply Department in 1957 before the water supply agreements with Guangdong authorities was reached. However, the construction of the reservoir did not solve the water shortage problems within Hong Kong, which lead to the negotiation with Guangdong authorities mentioned above. Currently, 80% of water supply of Hong Kong comes from Dongjiang river in Guangdong.
(1) Embankment Dam Embankment dam, basically, comprises a core of impermeable materials such as concrete. It is supported by impermeable materials of rock fills. Such dam is supposed on a foundation of strong rocks located in depth not easy to reach. One of dams in Tai Lam Chung is earth fill embankment with mass concrete which the
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Concrete gravity consisted of solid concrete and adequate stone masonry. By constructing this dam, the self weigh of the dam is used to resist huge volume of water. However, it should be noted that the height and the scale of the dam depends on the foundation. The load can increase with a stronger foundation. The removal of the deposits in the water should also be removed regularly to protect the dam from erosion. Concrete gravity dam is of 180.1ft high and 1214ft wide. It is of U shape which can transmit the load to the side of the dam. And the surface of the stone masonry is designed in curve shape in order to reduce the velocity of the water flow when extra is emitted. Water is emitted from the dam through the upper drain hole of the dam. Both of this two dams are constructed on the solid granite foundation in Tai Lam Chung, of which the high strength enable two dams to function safely and

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