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The taiga biome has many marvelous elements that make this biome unique and in the taiga has one special animal, and that animal is the Lynx. The taiga biome has different temperatures in the spring, summer, fall and winter. Also, the taiga needs abiotic and biotic elements to live and give shelter to the other living things in the biome. The taiga has a lot of other animals but one extraordinary animal that lives there is the Lynx . The taiga and the Lynx are very unique things in this world.

The taiga has different temperatures during different seasons. The average temperature of the taiga is 32o, in the summer it can reach up to 50o, in the winter it can reach up to 26.6o and the highest temperature in the taiga has been 104o. The taiga biome is in different locations around the world and the locations are in the Northern hemisphere, this locations are North America, Asia, Europe, Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia and Russia. In the taiga it gets very cold in the winter and the lowest temperature in the taiga can be -60o! The taiga can have very weird and odd temperatures during the seasons and the taiga can be found in odd places too.
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The abiotic elements in the taiga are sunlight, water, boulders, soil, clouds, lightning, hail, floods and temperature. The biotic elements in the taiga are Black Bear, Bald Eagle, Red Fox, River Otter, Wolverine, Snowshoe Rabbit, Balsam Fir, Eastern Red Cedar, White Poplar, White Spruce and Siberian Spruce. Another abiotic element that the taiga needs is fire, fires in the taiga are very common which help the taiga by getting rid of old and sick trees. The taiga needs this so it can help and it can be helped to help the living things that live in the

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