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I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Prof. P. Rameshan, Corporate Strategy-1 professor for all the knowledge imparted during this course and guidelines for the project , which enabled me to prepare and deliver this project with in depth analysis and recommendations about the chosen topic. I would also like thank all my colleagues for sharing their knowledge and experience from different industries where they are working, which enabled me to have wider perspective and understanding of the topics under study. 2. Executive Summary Indian continent had become the focus market for all major International Hotel Chains, owing to its steady economic growth rate. Many of the hotel chains have recognized the demand supply gap in these markets…show more content…
Group was formed by Jamshedji Tata in 1886. IHCL popularly known as ‘Taj Group of Hotels’ have a century old history and has played a major role is putting India on the Global hospitality map, since its inception in 1903. Though it caters to a wide range of modern hospitality products and services, the group’s origin is deep rooted in our Indian culture and heritage. With over 132 hotels and resorts in 80 different locations in India and abroad, IHCL is the leading hotel brand in India. It has expanded its presence also into markets outside India - Shri Lanka, Maldives, Malaysia, UK, USA, Africa, Bhutan and Middle East to name few (Exhibit…show more content…
Taj Luxury The luxury brand is the former generic brand of the Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces. These hotels and resorts include business locations, historic landmarks, heritage palaces, and forest destinations. Most of Taj's early and most luxurious properties are designated under this brand. Taj Exotica and Taj Safaris- Taj's budding wildlife lodge brand, were the Two specialty brands under the Taj Luxury segment. It is planned to include the Taj’s high-end forest lodges and destinations also. Taj's luxury lodges located in few Central India national parks are also covered under this brand. 3.2.2. Vivanta by Taj Mostly located in city locations, Vivanta is a mid-segment modern-luxury mix hotel. The brand caters to the executive class and is placed just between the Taj Luxury and the Gateway brand. This can also be categorized as business class. 3.2.3. The Taj Gateway Hotels and Resorts ‘Gateway’ is also to cater to mid-segment and positioned after ‘Vivanta by Taj’. It has hotels and resorts in business as well as holiday destinations across India. These hotels are positioned at economy guests looking for better value for money. 3.2.4. Ginger

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