Taj Mahal Architecture

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INTRODUCTION OF THE TAJ MAHAL (Built by The Great Mughal Emperior Shah Jahan in the memory of his favorite.) Situated in Uttar Pradesh , Agra Height - 73m (240 ft) Architect Name - Ustad Ahmad Luhari Architectural Styles - Mughal Architecture (Main gate of Taj Mahal from where we enter) • Taj Mahal is a beautiful example of Maginificent Architecture. • The Taj Mahal is combination of Four different Architectural styles. i.e. Islamic , Persian, ottoman Turkish and Indian . • It is located near the banks of Yamuna River . (This is Yamuna river ) • Around Taj there are four walls…show more content…
• Taj Mahal is widely recognized as "The Jewel of Muslim Art in India" and it comes under the Eight wonders of the World. • When the sunlight falls on its marble surface its color changes from grey to pearl white , pinkish in the morning ,milky white in the evening ,golden when the moon shines. • This refection of light plays an important role in furnishing (Increasing the beauty) the Beauty of Taj implying the presence of Allah. • Taj was design to express the love. • The Architectural Beauty of Taj is:- It was design not only on Islamic Architecture it was also on the fusion of both Indian and Persian Styles which makes it more precious. • The top is decorated with a lotus design. • Holy Quran on the wall add more beauty to Islamic decoration. • The finial is topped by a moon typical Islamic motif. • The finial was made of gold but it was replace by a copy made up of bronze. • The Dome is also known as ONION DOME. • The top is decorated with a lotus design. Calligraphy on walls of Taj (Inlay Work) Art-forms on wall (Geometric pattern on…show more content…
and its end in 1648 A.D. at the cost of 32 million rupees . • The design of Taj was done by Ustad Ahmad Lahauri. • It takes almost 17 years to build and about 20 thousand worker work . • The Calligraphy in whole palace done by Calligrapher name " Amanat Khan Shirazi ". • The Great Emperor Shah Jahan is credited for the construction of Mahal in the memory of his wife "Arjumand Bano Begum " know as Mumtaz Mahal who died in (1630 A.D.). • In Exterior Decoration elements were created by paint or by stone inlays or by carving . • Decoration Elements can be grouped into either Calligraphy vegetative motifs and Abstract Forms. • Abstract forms were used in the Plinth, Minarets, Gateway Mosque ( This is the Gateway Mosque by two different angle or sides ) • Inside building is decorated with Calligraphy designed flowers and precious Gems. • Interior Chamber is traditionally decorated and Chamber wall has been highly decorated with Dado and refined calligraphy pannels. • Jali of Chambers is made up of Eight marble panels. • The remaining surfaces is detailed with semi precious

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