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Tagore once used “Only let this one tear-drop, glisten pure upon the cheek of time,” to describe Taj Mahal, a place which many people dreamed of going. Its construction is of deep historical and economic significance and there is a heart-warming story behind it. Taj Mahal is a famous tourist attraction in India and it has a long history of construction and rich cultural contented. This is a land full of Indian culture. Its meaning a lot to local habitant due to the reputation of Taj Mahal related their living life in India as well as the tourist from all over the world no matter focus on enjoy the satisfied visual view or doing research here. Taj Mahal in India is one of the seven wonders of architecture around world and it is the witness…show more content…
The white and shining mausoleum to be more solemn, dignified and elegant reflected by lawns under the clear sky. Even though it is a mausoleum, it does not make people feel quiet and lonely like other mausoleums because there are many people coming and going there. Taj Mahal is not only popular with tourists around the world, in some degree, but is also loved by local people in India. If you visit Taj Mahal during different time periods of a day, you will see different scenery. Taj Mahal has different characteristics in different time of day under different natural lights. Taj Mahal in the moonlight seems to be a fairyland. Taj Mahal has different images in the morning, at noon and in the evening. In the morning, it is brilliantly gold; at noon under the sunlight, it is brilliantly white; at dusk, under the setting sun, the white Taj Mahal displays gray-yellow and golden yellow color and it gradually shows the color of pink, dark red and light blue. However, under the beautiful moonlight, it shows the silvery white color. The white marble reflects a faint blue light. In consequence, Taj Mahal is a worthy place to go for leisure time to tourist in some degree, and also, it’s become a symbol of India in deep heart of

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