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First Takagi tankless water heater was designed and manufactured in 1952 and ever since than the Takagi tankless hot water heaters are one of the most popular instant hot water heaters in the world.

Takagi Company is famous for its great inventions and innovations when it comes to on demand hot water heaters.

Among many great innovations Takagi developed the very first fully computerized controlled tankless gas water heater, a revolutionary automatic gas control valve system and safety system for its tankless hot water heaters, the T-M1 (multi gas water heater system), and many great tankless water heater models such as: T-K1, T-K2, TKD-20, T-KJr, T-K1S, T-H1, TK3, T-M119, TK-3-OS, T-M50, T-M32, T-K-3-Pro, T-H2, etc.

Takagi Tankless Water
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190,000 Btu; LPG Input: Min. 11,000 Btu, Max. 190,000 Btu; Maximum flow rate: 7 GPM; four temperature settings ranging from 113 to 167 degrees.

The Takagi t-k3-os is perfect for warmer climates however it can be used in colder climates as well but with certain accessories.

4. Takagi T-H2 is high efficiency Takagi tankless water heater with an average efficiency of 90%. In other words if you are looking for green hot water heaters the right choice for you is the Takagi T-H2.

Takagi T-H2 Specifications - Natural Gas Input: Minimum 13,000BTU, Maximum 199,000BTU, LPG Input Minimum 13,000BTU Maximum 199,000BTU; Weight: DV = 73lbs. OS = 70lbs.; Ignition: electronic; Dimensions 25.6" x 18.5" x 12.4"; Maximum flow rate; 6.1 gallons per minute at 60 degrees temperature rise, 4.6 GPM at 80 temperature rise.

The T-H2 can be vented with PVC and it uses two heat exchangers to maximize the unit’s energy efficiency.

5. Takagi T-M32 is specifically designed for commercial applications due to its heavy duty
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15,000 Btu, Max. 380,000; LPG Input: Min. 15,000 Btu, Max. 380,000; Natural Gas Pressure Inlet: Min. 5.0" W.C., Max. 10.5" W.C.; LP Gas Pressure Inlet: Min. 8.0" W.C. Max. 14" W.C.; Weight: 112 lbs; Dimension: 25.3" X 24.8" X 11.8"; Ignition: electronic; Electrical Supply: AC 120V (60 Hz); Water Pressure: Min. 15 PSI Max. 150 PSI; Maximum flow rate: 14.5GPM; Temperature settings: eight different temperature settings ranging from 100°F to 185°F.

Takagi Tankless Water Heater Benefits

With takagi tankless water heater you save energy, space and money and you can enjoy endless supply of instant hot water.

Even though this sounds too good to be true the Takagi on demand water heaters are that good. That is why if you install one of the Takagi’s highly energy-efficient tankless water heaters you are eligible for a $300 federal income tax credit.

Takagi Tankless Water Heater Reviews

There are many takagi tankless water heater reviews online. This is very good for anyone that is considering buying the Takagi on demand water heater due to valuable information that customer and expert reviews

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