Takanno Yukikiyo Pottery Ceremony

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My character 's name is Takanno Yukikiyo. He lives in Honshu, the main island of Japan as a higher class hunter gatherer. Takanno wears animal skins and tree bark fibers, something many people wore during that time. His weapon of choice is a bow and arrow and will sometimes use an axe. These were used to hunt animals because he 's a hunter gatherer. Takanno lives during the Jomon Period. During this period almost everything was made of clay this consists of pots, pots, and even more pots, and the whole period was named after this pottery. Jomon, the name of this period and pottery, means cord marked. This pottery is called cord marked because they would press cords against the clay when it was wet. Jomon pottery is also some of the oldest pottery in the world. During this time the sea level is starting to rise, separating the islands of Japan from Asia. The Jomon period is so large it is broken up into several smaller periods. Takanno lived during the Middle Jomon period which was 2500 - 1500 B.C.E. Takanno lived during 1800. The religion my character believes in is unknown however, it was discovered that they buried the dead in a pile of shells indicating that they had ritual practices. Evidence also shows Shinto mythology, marriage customs and ceremonies may have emerged during this period. Takanno 's diet mainly consisted mostly of the food he hunted such as deer, bear, rabbit and duck as well as gathered food like nuts, berries and mushrooms. He was a hunter and gatherer and considered semi-sedentary. He lived in small villages during travels, but larger communities during the longer sedentary…show more content…
There was an increase in population occurring during this time, handicrafts and pottery which led to the figurines and fertility symbols in later Jomon periods, and early attempts at plant cultivation which led to the introduction of rice in the final Jomon

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