Take A Balanced Approach To Risk Assessment Essay

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Children and young adults always experiment new ways and new things of doing things. As they are growing in a world of hazards and dangers that it would not be correct to keep them far from some of critical situations where we must support but not smother them as the children could possibly grow up unsociable, nervous and unhappy , if we restrict them from such situations, we may restrict their learning. So, it is very important that teaching the students the skills that will help in managing dangers and risk for themselves. By giving the opportunity to experience a certain level of risky practices will helps the students to develop competences and confidence to make their own balance approach in risk taking, so that the students are not over protected.
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By a risk assessing a student, we can have an idea from their capabilities, observing and the stage of development in managing he risk. As practitioners are meant to risk assessing is not to wrap babies or children in a cloth, we should recognise that the students are exposed to dangers and risks in a playing environment even though well managed everything may carry a degree of risk. We are encouraged with risks sensibly and responsibly, by supporting the children stimulating and a challenging environment to explore. For e.g. when a child is climbing frame with a slide and putting fabric or colours on their heads and play hide and seek, but when they put a tub or basket on their heads, we advise the students not to do as their head may get struck on it, while using scissors, doors and drawers which can trap their fingers, riding a bike, these are few potential dangers and hazards that can assess
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