Take Away Elecives In Schools

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Wise County School Board Administration,

It has come to the attention of the students that you are considering taking away electives

in school. I, as well as the rest of the student body, believe it would be an awful mistake to get

rid of electives offered in our school. Electives are a large part of school life today, and can

benefit us later on in our careers. In many circumstances, by offering classes such as art, band,

and auto mechanics, it allows students to express themselves in doing something they enjoy and

are good at.

There are jobs for nearly every talent that a person can possess. Students take courses like

culinary, nursing, drafting, and electricity at the Career Technical School in order to get a

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Getting rid of these classes could potentially cause teachers to lose their job and students would

consequently be losing money they could have saved for college. In many circumstances these

students may not get other opportunities to show off their skills if these classes were not offered.

Removing elective classes would decrease the social skills of students and take away

something they enjoy as well as taking away all the potential benefits thet would have recieved.

Students take classes that peak their interest; thus, by taking these classes, students are able to

make friends with similar interest. However, some claim that removing electives would allow

students to focus more on school instead of work instead of socializing. School is for learning

and earning an education, and electives are just different styles of learning designed for different

types of minds.

In conclusion, the students of central high school receive a great benefit from these

elective classes. Electives are needed for students to jumpstart their careers and express their

talents in a mature, professional way. Doing away with electives would bring more harm than

just fixing
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