Take The Other To Lunch Analysis

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In her TED talk “Take the Other to Lunch”, Elizabeth Lesser (2010) offered a challenge to take a person to lunch to gain a perspective of an opposing view. In response to the challenge, I decided to take someone of the opposing side to lunch. However, I found it difficult to decide who to invite. I generally get along with all my friends, family and acquaintances. Deciding to try a different strategy, I thought about people I know that may hold a different view. Once I came across the issue of homelessness, I immediately knew who would be my “other” side. My older brother’s views on homelessness are completely different than mine. As Lesser (2010) stated, his views “made smoke come out of my ears”. On this issue, I believe we should help the homeless whereas my brother thinks they can help themselves.
Before starting the discussion, we had decided to adopt and modify Lesser’s guidelines. We decided that our goal was to develop an understanding of why the other person holds the opposing view. Our ground rules were to not persuade, defend, or interrupt. We were to keep our answers concise and to the point. We added this in because we both like to elaborate on our responses. In the conversation, we were to be curious, conversational, and real. Above all, we needed to actively listen. Once our guidelines had been
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After the intake, the homeless would be directed to the appropriate shelter for their situation, like a men’s, women’s, or children’s shelter. Afterward, the able-bodied individual would be held responsible for taking the steps needed for getting back on their feet. For all the rest that can’t get immediate help, he wants to create a backpack with essential items and blankets for survival. I realized that this idea was not born of hate, but of compassion. My brother spent a good amount of time devising a way to help the homeless. He wasn’t the evil warlord I had
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