Taken Hostage Crisis Essay

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The day will never be forgotten when over 66 Americans were captured by Iranian militants in Tehran.This lead to something that forever changed the way Islams were viewed and was know as the Iran hostage crisis. This was something new to us as Americans because this was our first issue that occurred from the islamic race. David Farber deepens the research of this attack and takes us readers into reason how and why this could have occurred in his book, Taken Hostage. Farber wants readers to not only understand more about why the Iran Hostage Crisis occurred, but how important it is for precations to be made in order to stop these kinds of attacks. The 1970 's were described to be a time of true endurance. Because so many occurences happened all around the same time this allowed the economy to be in such a state of struggle. Some of the things Farber notes that occurred were,…show more content…
He dates all the way back to tension of the oil crisis in the 50 's between Iran and U.S. Farber then explains what he feels was the immediate result of this crisis when Shah Reza Pahlavi was granted protection in the U.S by Carter, for cancer treatment. This lead to student revolutionaries to declare a break with the past history of Iran and to take America out of their system and to ulimately gain more power by allowing Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini to take over. A strong influence was the CIA 's role in instigating a coup which allowed Pahlavi to power. This allowed the SAVAC security forces to torture and murder those that were trying to oppose. From this the Iranians had hate that was built up, and they are assumed to feel that America was acting superior over them and that they were in mockery of their lifestlye and religion. This was something that made them have a dislike towards us and this can be a large reason as to why this attack took
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