Taking A Look At The US Economy

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The US economy is the world’s largest economy, and it represents 22% of the world GDP. In 2014 the US economy’s GDP was accounted for $17.42 trillion. This was a 2.4% increase in the GDP as compared to the previous year. The GDP per capita in 2014 was $54,710, this was ranked 9th in the world. The currency of US which is the UD Dollars is the most used currency for international transactions. Furthermore US economy is the world's third largest producer of oil and natural gas and it is the second-largest trading nation in the world as well as the world's second largest manufacturer, representing a fifth of the global manufacturing output. The world largest and most influential financial market is the US market. United states also have the world's…show more content…
This also shows how the competition among the retailers is constantly getting very tough. If a retailer does not have a competitive advantage over the other it makes is hard for them to survive in the cut throat retail industry. And while these companies compete, many customers are getting snatched up by the internet marketers, where the operating and other cost are much lesser. Furthermore, even though the retail industry has been recovering from the recessions in 2008 for it to make a full turn around it will need the economy to become even stronger especially in terms of job growth and interest rates. The economy in general will have to become healthy again and recover more before the retail sector can rebound fully. Walmart Stores is an American retail multinational corporation founded on 2nd July in 1962 by Sam Walton. It is a family owned business as about 50% of its shares are owned by the Walton family. The company was first publicly listed on the New York stock exchange in the year 1972, but it had already begun trading on 1st October in 1970. The headquarters of Walmart are located in Bentonville, Arkansas it has over 11,000 stores across 27 countries. Across the 27 countries it operates under different banners, for example in Japan it is known as Seiyu, in UK it is known as Asda and in India it is known as Best Price. According to the Fortune Global 500 list of 2014 Walmart was ranked as the world’s largest company by revenue. It was also ranked as the world’s biggest private employer with 2.2 million
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