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The Benefits of Taking AP Classes in High School Why spend hours doing homework in college, when you could have done it in high school? “The Advanced Placement program has revolutionized high school classrooms around the United States. The program offers rigorous, college-level education to motivated students, and offers the benefit of college credit.” (Mattimore A33). AP classes can be very beneficial to students. These courses reduce the amount of money and time spent in college. They also are more beneficial than college intro classes. Lastly, these classes help prepare you for the workload of college. AP courses reduce the time you have to spend in college. Students who participated in AP courses in high school,…show more content…
Some people say that high schools should not be allowed to teach AP classes. Some people think this because students are taking advantage of the weighted credit. They also argue high school teachers are not capable of teaching a college level course. Finally, they argue that AP courses reduce the opportunity of the exploration in college. The first argument they give is AP classes give a weighted credit to a student, even if the student did not take the AP exam (Honawar 2). Students who do not take the AP exam do not deserve the weighted credit since they did not see the course to the very end. The next argument that was said is “High school teachers lack the expertise of teaching college-level classes.” (Mattimore A33). Teachers that have never taught at a college are not capable of teaching a college level course. (Mattimore A33). The final argument is “Awarding college credit reduces students’ chances for wider intellectual exploration in college.” (Mattimore A33). College is a lot different from high school. Professors and teachers might teach and grade different depending on their personality. Since they are learning, a college level course and not in college they will not experience all of the ideas and techniques that professors will
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