Taking Responsibility In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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Taking responsibility. Often times you will find yourself in an either difficult, or awkward situation where telling the truth is going to alter the conversation, and the person’s mood either for the better or worst, this leaves you thinking is being honest the right thing to do? This idea of being responsible for your actions is brought up countless times, both in real life and in fiction. arthur miller gave us a great example of this in his play “the crucible” by representing the pandemonium that could occur if one isn't honest through two characters, Abigail Williams, and John Proctor. the main protagonist, John proctor, always ends up in a tossed up frenzy of either situational dishonesty, or veracity to protect himself and others from being treated or tried in an unjust manner,…show more content…
In result of abigail bluffing all the time the town went into hysteria, this is a perfect example of the consequences of not owning up and taking responsibility because what she did saved herself from punishment although in doing so it killed 20 people and endangered many others. If abigail had used her hysterical lie where she confessed to god and said that she was free of the devil’s curse and didn’t blame anyone none of those people who were hang would have died and the witch trials could have been avoided all together. The other representation of taking responsibility, as I once said, would be john proctor because at the very end he refuses to lie to save himself and he takes responsibility by lying about him being possessed, then refusing to sign the confession and ripping it up; in doing so he made sure nobody else got killed and ended the killings of witch accusations because the town knew the judges had no right to accuse him because of his reputation, and the type of person he

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