Taking What's Mine Adrienne Rich Analysis

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Kashinea Baker Davies Comp 101 Taking What’s Mine
In Adrienne Rich’s essay she discusses the importance of taking advantage of each opportunity we’re offered in this world. The biggest opportunity that everyone has been offered is education. She writes about how education is a clear chance to better ourselves and our future. Yet so many people take it for granted. Instead of taking action and doing as much as they can to acquire the knowledge and skills they need from education, people simply only do just enough to get by. Rich sees this as a problem, especially from a woman’s perspective. After reading this is it caused me to question myself, what have I done to guarantee that I take everything that I can from the education offered to me? The first thing that people must
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However, claiming your education doesn’t only apply to one sex or the other. It applies to both sex, but majority of the time it has proved to be different for women. We are raised to believe that the most important job that we must withhold is being a mother and raising a family. While men are expected to be the head of the household and obtain jobs within different industries of their choosing. Women seem to be severely underestimated in the qualities they possess. There are just different standards between the two. That’s where the problem stems from. When young girls are taught at an early age that the main thing that they should aspire to be is a mother, it limits the many other options that they have to choose from in life. Since society produces this image of a “stay at home mom”, it makes it much harder for a woman to really be ambitious enough to grasp what it is she really wants in life. Regardless of these barriers, claiming your education as a man or a woman shows an immense amount of ambition. I believe in order to begin “claiming” our education, we must first understand the importance of it.
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