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7. Talc

Talc is a mineral produced by the mining of talc rocks. It is a toxic ingredient found in baby powders, eye shadows, blush, and deodorant. Talc is used as an absorbent and anti-caking agent. Furthermore, it acts as an astringent on the skin. As a matter of fact, according to, 40% of women use powder containing Talc. The American Cancer Society acknowledges that Talc is known to cause tumors in the ovaries and lungs. Talc particles have also been found to last inside the body for years.

Try your best to not buy or use products containing this ingredient. The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition recommends that women use cornstarch powder instead of talcum powder on the genital area. Cornstarch powder is definitely a safe alternative to talc. It has also never been associated
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Instead of using products that contain isopropyl alcohol, use products with rose extract. If you have acne, try using witch hazel, tea tree, and lavender. Always be sure to read the labels on the products you use. You can also choose to use vinegar. Vinegar is definitely a healthier alternative to isopropyl alcohol because it 's edible. In addition, it reduces itching and dryness.

10. PEG 's

PEG 's or polyethylene glycols, are petroleum-based compounds that are used in many personal care products including conditioners, moisturizers, and deodorants. They are primarily used as cosmetic cream bases. PEG 's often are contaminated with a lot of ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane, which can harm the nervous system. They also have the potential to reduce the skin 's natural moisture. They can even cause cancer!

One company that sells PEG-free products is Aubrey Organics. The formulas of Aubrey Organics have never and will never contain PEG compounds. Instead of using polyethylene glycols, they use other natural glycols. The company relies mainly on a natural vegetable glycerin as a moisturizer. Vegetable glycerin definitely gets the job done without adding damaging side
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