Tale Of Genji Summary

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“You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes.”-Walter M. Schirra, Sr. The narrative story “The Tale of Genji” that was written by an aristocratic lady named Murusaki Shikibu around 1000 AD was about the bond between father and son (the emperor and his son Genji) , how conflicts and ordeals as they occured were resolved and how the entrance of the new characters turned the whole story upside down. The story though fictitious provides a glimpse of the earliest japanese political system. This analysis will focus on the analyzation of the whole chapter one(1) of the “Tales of Genji”. The title “Tales of Genji” postulate the narrative story of the main protagonist Genji. The chapter one started with the story of his Mother…show more content…
It is different from any other tale since it is a tale with 54 chapters and has a hanging ending. Let me compare it with other tale, One of popular example of a tale is the tale of “David and Goliath”, where David conquer the giant with an exceptional abilities with his Y-Slingshot. Since this analysis is only limited on the chapter one of the tale the information is limited. David is a hero himself while Genji is a son of the emperor with a pleasing personality and obeying heart as narrated in the chapter 1. Like, David the hero on this tale, “Tale of Genji” faced a lot of adversities like his mom did. The hero’s cycle follows a path from the birth to the return to home of the hero. As I read the first chapter tha tale started in the “birth” of Genji where her mother bear him and his father as the Emperor. I cant say if its really the “call of adventure” but I think his adventure started when he entered the palace and became the commoner. While about the part where the hero need to “Cross the treshold” I guess its still about to unfold on the next
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