Tale Of Genji Literary Analysis

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The Tale of Genji not only keeps a unique color of "Japan" but has literary transcendence beyond the age. There are the beauty and elegance of a phrase in a poem containing full of lyricism. The Tale of Genji shows the essence of literature whose worth occupies the first place throughout Japanese literature from the past to the future. The main plot of The Tale of Genji describes Genji's complex and disordered relationship with women, which could have a significant effect on Genji’s descendants’ life. However, The Tale of Genji is one of the most remarkable works that creates a rich and colorful story by combining various characters and customs of the times. More importantly, the value of the The Tale of Genji does not just matter what story…show more content…
They lived a splendid life by Insei. In other words, the empire's authority was not established properly, so centralized power was not strengthened. Therefore, the ancient state form centered on the Emperor gradually collapsed to the end. In The Tale of Gengi, the story of the Japanese dynasty in the Heian era was described in a vivid picture of the love, affection, beauty, and connection through the generation. At that time, aristocratic means in love, ironically, was exchanging letters in the early stages of romance without seeing their faces. Even after a sexual relationship, the noble man who likes the partner uncovers his lovely feelings in correspondence. What is interesting is expressing his feelings metaphorically through poetry. Considering it was not easy to meet each other at that time, a metaphorical poetry could be seen as the only way to convey emotion more accurately. The marriage life of Genji and Aoi is not that romantic and beautiful. This is because Genji, who is an 18 year old king, has no interest in governing the people. He would like to play with lots of women including sexual relations. On the other hands, Aoi is four years older than Genji and has no sexual
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