Tale Of The Mandarin Duck Analysis

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The Tale of the Mandarin Duck The key is to not to judge a book by it’s cover, as you can't judge someone or something on how they look.The lord in a book called The Tale of the Mandarin Duck is from a Japanese folktale.The lord was always looks for beautiful, eye catching things either big or small. On the other hand, this self centered lord pushes away less attractive things. One day, the lord catches a colorful drake, but the lord did not choose the drake's mate, for she was not colorful. Once this magnificent drake has been captured, the drake starts wilting and losing its colorful feathers, for drake misses his mate who was not fit for the lord. The author, Katherine Paterson tells us that the drake was set into the wild again to live a free life, but this is good for the drake, not the lord. The lord is very angry when the drake goes missing, even though he lost his beautiful, eye catching, and pretty colors. The lord is missing the true meaning of life, due to the perils of vanity. Greed was one of the most terrible consequences about the lord, for he had the…show more content…
( 2). This lord sadly didn't consider other people that he disliked. He also disliked less pretty things in his appearance. Even worse, the lord was just a boastful, self centered man, for he didn't care about how others felt. The lord was so boastful and self centered that he couldn't stand ugly things, even if they were pretty before, so he demoted people and hide possessions that were no longer magnificent. The beautiful, magnificent drake the lord had captured became dull and “ he refused to to release the drake, ordering that the cage be put out of sight so he would be no longer be annoyed by the birds sad appearance”. (10). His overwhelming desire for more beautiful items rule by his decisions in the empire. The lord's greed brought loneliness, anger, and the thought he has the power to rule over
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