Tale Of Two Cities Analysis

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A tale of two cities is a novel with the fictionalized description of events leading up to the birth of new French republic. Tale of two cities shaped the image of a stable England by using French revolutionary France as a setting to highlight the contrasts between the two countries .In tale of two cities there is deep distinctions between rich and poor, Upper class and lower class. French revolution is a great historical event of the world which brought a huge revolution in history of Europe. French revolution is the background of A tale of two French cities. Charles dickens wrote a novel in which he told the story of two cities and also the condition of the cities in the 18th century. The purpose of study is to understand the elements
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Although he supported the idea of people rising up against tyranny, the violence that characterized the French Revolution troubled him. In the preface to his novel he says “to add something to the popular and picturesque means understanding that terrible time”. The story is set in London, Paris and the French countryside at the time of French Revolution. The book is sympathetic to the overthrow of the French aristocracy but highly critical of the reign of terror that followed. The whole book is dominated by the guillotine-tumbrels thundering to and fro and the bloody knives. Actually, these scenes occupy only a few chapters, but they are written with terrible intensity, and the rest of the book is rather slow going. That is why everyone remembers the revolutionary scenes in A Tale of Two Cities. Again and again, he insists upon the meaningless horrors of revolution, the injustice, the ever-present terror of spies, and the frightful blood lust of the mob. The descriptions of the Paris mob, for instance, the crowd of murderers struggling round the grindstone to sharpen their weapons before butchering the prisoners in the September massacres outdo anything. These are the events in the history of France which form the flaming background of A Tale of Two Cities. Its interpretation of the French Revolution has strongly shaped the British views of national identity and political legitimacy.
Charles Dickens ' 16th novel, A Tale of Two Cities, symbolize the author 's popular appeal. It 's a tale of chaos, espionage and adventure set in London and Paris prior to, and during, the French Revolution. Humanistic side events were always more signified for Charles Dickens. He always gave more preference to such
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